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About us

At Affordable Housing Finance (AHF), we act as the UK Government’s exclusive delivery partner for the Affordable Homes Guarantee Scheme (AHGS). The underwriting period of which ended in March 2016.

AHF have managed to create loans resulting in the lowest priced debt to 67 Registered Providers, whose portfolios and credit appraisals we continue to manage until the maturity of each loan. 

Since AHF was established, it has:

  • Agreed an exclusive licence (that ran till the 31st March 2016) with the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government to issue long-term debt to the affordable homes sector for sums up to £3.5 billion.
  • Grown the most successful and innovative guarantee scheme sponsored by the UK Government.
  • Produced cost effective funding which acts as a stimulus in the construction of affordable housing.
  • Maintained and utilised THFC’s unique relationship with the HA sector.
  • AHGP financing will have supported more than 30,000 homes, along with regeneration projects and various forms of community care.
  • More than £3.2bn of funding – representing about 92 per cent of the £3.5bn of UK government guarantees made available for affordable housing four years ago – has been lent to 67 HAs.
  • Sustained competitive market prices and remained at the forefront of on-lending to HAs, in conjunction with providing investors protected and profitable opportunities.

In this regard AHF has been a key component in cultivating the private-public sector relationship that has proved vital in the construction of incremental affordable housing.