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Who is Affordable Housing Finance Plc?

Affordable Housing Finance Plc [AHF] is an established subsidiary of The Housing Finance Corporation [THFC]. We operated in accordance with the Affordable Housing Guarantee Scheme [AHGS], issuing bonds and receiving funding from the European Investment Bank [EIB] to create and distribute loans to housing associations [HAs] between 2013 and 2018. These HAs then invested the money into the maintenance, repair and building of affordable homes.

How long have Affordable Housing Finance Plc been in business?

Affordable Housing Finance commenced trading in 2013. THFC was founded in 1987 through a joint initiative of the Housing Corporation and the National Housing Federation.

What is Affordable Housing Finance Plc’s credit rating?

Affordable Housing Finance Plc is rated ‘AA’ by Standard and Poors, the equivalent to the United Kingdom’s sovereign debt-rating due to the presence of an irrevocable guarantee from the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Is AHF protected from interest rate risk?

Yes, funds borrowed are on-lent with interest rates of a similar nature to the repayment scheme, protecting us from any interest rate risk.

Does AHF monitor the credit risk of its borrowers internally?

Yes. We undertake all of our own credit appraisals and monitoring.

What makes AHF safe and viable for investment?

All AHF financing, including interest repayments, are guaranteed by the Government until the maturity of the loan.

What protection does AHF have against foreign currency risk?

AHF does not take foreign currency risk.

What are the options available for ethical investors, interested in responsible investment?

The Housing Finance Corporation [THFC] is a not-for-profit organisation, facilitating vital investment that benefits the often very vulnerable. We also maintain that all of the housing associations we lend to go above and beyond just building homes, with various schemes in place and ample attention focused at the local community level. AHF Plc no longer issues bonds after the initial Affordable Homes Guarantee Scheme closed for new underwriting in 2017.