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The list provided only includes abbreviations used within the parameters of this website.

Abbreviation Dictionary:


AHF – Affordable Housing Finance

AHGS – Affordable Homes Guarantee Scheme

CHC – Community Housing Crymru

EIB – European Investment Bank

EUV-SH – Existing Use Value Social Housing


HA – Housing Association(s)

HCA – Homes and Communities Agency

LA – Local Authority/Local Authorities

LHA – Local Housing Allowance

MHCG – Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government 

MV-STT – Market Value Subject to Tenancy

NHF – National Housing Federation

RP – Registered Provider(s) of affordable housing

RTB- Right to Buy

SSA – Sovereign Supranational Agency

THFC- The Housing Finance Corporation

T&H- Trowers & Hamlins